The exhibition features objects produced during three editions of an international design workshop for design students from Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus, conducted by Polish designers from Studio MALAFOR. The setting of the workshops is by no means random – they take place in the very heart of nature in Poland’s Kashubia region.The interplay of these two factors – the participants’ backgrounds and the location of the workshops – is clearly visible in the presented works.

The exhibition is a guide of sorts: to regional traditions, to the participants’ origins and the impact those origins have, and to the influence of nature and natural resources on the creative process - all of which is materialized in the resulting works. However, it’s not a guide to countries in the national, political or historical sense. It does not present national design but instead highlights the role of sensitivity to the surroundings in which an object is created and used, as well as the designer’s awareness of where they come from, what tradition their sensitivity has been shaped by.

This is precisely the type of sensitivity that the workshop instructors from the MALAFOR Studio strive to teach. The participants hail from distant regions, bringing with them their own local traditions, symbolism and colours. Coming from a local perspective, they sit down to create in a place that inspires them with its nature, producing designs intended for that location – as in the first edition of Observatory – or for the regions they come from – as in the second edition of the programme, under the subheading of Receptury (Recipes).

The objects are made of traditional materials such as wood, clay and stone, using time-honoured artisanal techniques like carpentry and pottery. In the most recent edition of the workshop these techniques were combined with 3D printing – the quickest means of executing designs inspired by the participants’ home regions.

It is a reflection of a search process for balance between traditional and modern technologies of production, an exploration of all-time relevant concerns of environment protection, glocality and the social responsibility of a designer. In the age of overproduction, these seem to be particularly important points of reference in the design of the future.

Where were the objects created? Who led the workshops?

Visitors will have the chance to learn about the contexts that determined the creative process behind the objects on display: the location in which they arose and the workshop leaders from the MALAFOR Studio, who are introduced through their own projects. The work of the Studio will be on hand for visitors to see and try, integrated into the exhibition space.

The exhibition is curated by Studio MALAFOR. The students taking part in the exhibition represent the following design schools:

1. Ukraine: Kyiv National University of Structure and Architecture; Kyiv State Institute of Applied Arts and Design, Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts; National Forestry and Wood Technolgy University of Ukraine

2. Moldova: Technical University of Moldova, Academy of Fine Arts in Chisinau

3. Belarus: Belarusian National Technical University, Belarusian State Academy of Arts; Brest State Technical University

The exhibition is organized by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute operating under the brand as part of its programme promoting Polish design worldwide in close cooperation with Studio MALAFOR.

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Curator: Studio Malafor
Exhibition design: Studio Malafor
Graphic: Studio Malafor
Texts: Adam Mickiewicz Institute / Studio Malafor
Photography: Studio Malafor
Film: Studio Malafor

Organized by Adam Mickiewicz Institute /

About Studio MALAFOR

MALAFOR is an abbreviation of Polish "Male laboratorium formy", which literally means "Small form labolatory". There is two of us - Agata Kulik-Pomorska and Pawel Pomorski. It all started in 2004. One year after graduating from Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk (Poland), we decided to establish MALAFOR not only as an idea but as a brand, which we are still developing.

We live and work in northern Poland, a coastal region close to nature and away from town. We’re discovering the characteristics of the region in order to reproduce them in our designs. Our production process is simple and effective: we have the design ideas, local craftsmen do the manufacturing, then we send our products all over the world.

We are proud that the objects we create in Poland receive recognition abroad. MALAFOR is prize winner of many international competitions such as the 2012 Red Dott Award (Blow Sofa) and 2012 IF Design Award (Activ Basket) among others.

About Adam Mickiewicz Institute

The Adam Mickiewicz Institute, a state-funded cultural institution, is responsible for promoting Poland and Polish culture abroad. Under the brand, we present high quality initiatives and events in the fields of music, art and design. is a daily updated information service on the most interesting Polish cultural events around the world. It is also the largest and most comprehensive source of knowledge about Polish culture. A special tab on design presents the latest trends in contemporary Polish design and the newest projects from Polish designers.

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