Archiprix participants designed outstanding graduation projects, that's why their school nominated them for the Archiprix. Graduation projects often deal with the design tasks of the future. Relevant issues have been thoroughly investigated by the graduates in their academic study. The experience of former winners and the expectations of recently graduated Archiprix participants about the value of the graduation work for the career is discussed during the debate moderated by Jacob van Rijs with, Bart Reuser, Leonie van Buuren, Milad Pallesh and Laura Strähle.

15.00 welcome n introduction Jacob van Rijs 15.15 presentations Bart Reuser, Leonie van Buuren, Milad Pallesh, Laura Strähle, followed by a discussion about the relevance of graduation projects for the career of a designer.
17.00 end of discussion / pause
17.30 film screening Archiprix Ahmedabad

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Curator: Henk van der Veen / Manon Deijkers
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Organized by Archiprix

The Archiprix Foundation has organized the national Archiprix Netherlands since 1979. The basic setup of Archiprix is straightforward: Archiprix invites all Master’s Degree programmes in the field of architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture to select their best graduation project and to submit it the Archiprix organization. This setup enables Archiprix to give a picture of the state of the art of design education. In contrast to most other competitions, Archiprix does not impose or demand any theme-oriented work. It simply presents the plans that the educational programmes have selected and thus gives an unparalleled insight into the themes in which the programmes are engaged. Archiprix subsequently presents this top-class graduation work to a wide public by means of exhibitions, books, films and internet. Archiprix also organizes the assessment of the selected graduation plans by an independent jury. Finally, Archiprix stimulates the cooperation between the up-and-coming designers by bringing them into contact with one another via workshops.
Although this formula may be simple, Archiprix does have a stimulating effect on many fronts. First of all, it functions as a launching pad for novice but talented designers. After all, all participants have been selected by their educational institution as the best graduates and that is widely acknowledged as proof of their design talent. As a consequence, they receive well-earned support at their entrance into professional practice. Moreover, the excellent graduation work receives the exposure it deserves: a broad spread of inspiring solutions to current, future and imaginary assignments are placed under the spotlights. Designers, policy-makers, curators can draw from a rich source of ideas. In addition, Archiprix allows the programmes the opportunity to present themselves with their best graduation work on a national and global platform.The Archiprix Foundation is a collaboration between all higher educational institutions in the Netherlands in the fields of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture.

Archiprixis supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL and Hunter Douglas.

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