Link designers to social issues with which many municipalities are wrestling, and you will end up with unorthodox solutions and exceptional cooperative ventures. In ‘What if Lab: local government meets design’ by Dutch Design Foundation and Initiate (the Association of the Netherlands Municipalities’ innovation programme) three teams work on such a social theme. 

GO! Serious game combating obesity

OOOH Studio (previously De Jongens van de TU) work together with paediatricians and GO! coaches on a serious game to help children with obesity get more exercise, to eat healthier diets and relax more. GO! is a neighbourhood-focused coaching programme involving various parties, including Rijnstate hospital. The coaches involved seek out new ways to guide children, outside the coaching sessions too. The newly developed app triggers children to take action in various ways, to go outside and to feel good about that. Children can work on a greater goal too, like a visit to the local fire station. “Ultimately it is all to interlock, explains paediatrician Petra van Setten. “The app extends the coaching experience.”


Designer Hannah van Luttervelt has pondered over the issue of how the transport of vulnerable employees could be improved. Currently many sheltered workplace employees are transported to and from work by taxi. This is expensive, and unpleasant for many employees, explains Renço Wesseling. He works for Weener XL, organizer of sheltered workplaces in the region ’s-Hertogenbosch, and presented the issue. Together with Van Luttervelt he is now working on a solution: a carpool system in which employees with a car offer themselves as drivers for colleagues who need transport. This appeared to arouse considerable sensitivity among this vulnerable group. For example many users have a need for routine, while the drivers prefer to remain flexible. Based on the experience that has been acquired with Weener XL the municipality of ’s-Hertogenbosch is exploring if this carpool system can also be deployed for other vulnerable groups. The experiences are included in an app that can also be used elsewhere.

Stack je Money

Youth worker Shaun Figaroa and Mitchell Jacobs from Studio Tast are working on the app Stack je Money. Providing young people with a helicopter view of their money (what comes in and what do I spend it on?), but above all they demonstrate that money can be a means for fulfilling your dreams. How much do I still need to save for my skiing holiday? And what can I change in my expenditure patterns to achieve my goals? And what are the knock-on effects? The app provides insight, something that many young people currently really miss, Figaroa knows from experience. And it has been designed in such a way that it connects with the target group’s perception of the world. The app is combined with inspiration workshops for young people and reinforced in a context of vlogs and social media.

Hannah van Luttervelt Hannah van Luttervelt Website
Studio Tast Studio Tast Website
OOOH studio OOOH studio Website

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Exhibition design: Governance & Innovation
Graphic: Marc van Bokhoven
Texts: Henk de Kleine
Sponsors: VNG en Dutch Design Foundation

Organized by VNG / Initiate, innovatieprogramma van de VNG

Initiate is the Association of Netherlands Municipalities’ innovation programme. We connect policy makers, researchers, knowledge institutes, engineers and (social) entrepreneurs to find entirely new solutions for sometimes old problems. These can be people with debts, unemployed people, people who depend on social transport. Where possible, we utilize new technologies for these new solutions. Things like block chain for debts and Big Data for detecting problems.