What role do we want technology to have? Need-driven or profit-driven?

This exhibition organized by ViolaVirus in cooperation with the Library of Eindhoven is part of the larger Manifestations - Will the Future Design Us? exhibition at the Veemgebouw, Eindhoven.

Can we have internet and technology more feminine, more human, more social and more sweet?

More than 80% of IT employees is male, according to Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union.
What are the consequences of this on development, design and application of technology?

A study of Aaltojärv (2009) shows tech-products designed by women are more user friendly, nicer, more quiet and smaller.
ViolaVirus researched the needs of women on the area of tech, collecting works where the influence of female aspects are more visible. Diversity as a key to success.

Let's democratize technology!

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Manifestations won the title Best of Dutch Design Week 2016

Selected as Hidden Gem of the DDW 2017

Lecture Internet of Women Things

Friday 27 October 19.30-21.00 hours

A lecture by Viola van Alphen, curator of the exposition Internet of Women Things. English spoken.

Free entrance

Please register here: https://internetofwomenthings2.eventbrite.nl

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Emmasingel 22
5611AZ Eindhoven

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Curator: ViolaVirus
Exhibition design: Tom Veeger
Sponsors: De Bibliotheek Eindhoven

Organized by Art & Technology (ViolaVirus) & de Bibliotheek Eindhoven

ViolaVirus: check www.violavirus.nl

Bibliotheek Eindhoven:

The Eindhoven Library facilitates the inhabitants of Eindhoven in their personal development no matter what their age! With 55 employees and 150 volunteers, we make sure it is possible for all inhabitants of Eindhoven to develop themselves. We do this by working on basic skills, such as reading and media savvy, and by organizing fascinating workshops, lectures and debates. We cooperate with partners in the city and with inhabitants of Eindhoven who want to share their knowledge.

Email: violavanalphen@gmail.com
Website: http://www.manifestations.nl