Lecture (English spoken) organized by Dutch Design Foundation

Eager to leave a negative carbon footprint, artistic designer Eric Klarenbeek discovers how using, for the first time ever, 3D printing live mycelium, we can sustainably and locally produce our designs.

Studio Eric Klarenbeek does special projects, or let's say unusual, for unusual people, projects or purposes. His studio connects creatives, designers, architects and local crafts. The studio searches for new meaning and principles in technology, resources, objects and spaces, for unexplored connections between materials, production methods, makers and users. Scale and appliance are irrelevant.

Together with Maartje Dros, Eric Klarenbeek forms a designers duo concentrating on public space & technology. Their aim is to challenge and explore the use of space by connecting history, crafts and new technologies in archetypical objects to invite and evoke new use of space. This speaker speaks English.

Tim Vermeulen is Programme Manager Dutch Design Foundation and Programme Director World Design Event. If anyone knows design... 

This Talk is moderated by Emma Lucek. She is a researcher and designer who graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. She is working at architectural practices in Istanbul and Warsaw and researches mapping and urbanism. 

More info on the speakers here:
Eric Klarenbeek: http://www.ericklarenbeek.com/


Klokgebouw 50 (100m links van hoofdingang)
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Strijp Area


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Sun 29 Oct 12:30 - 13:30


Organized by Dutch Design Foundation

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