More than ever DAE’s youngest generation of designers is turning doubts about the world into a productive instrument. Surrounded by ‘alternative truths’ in almost every aspect of their lives, they deploy the power of questioning the obvious and do not shy away from unravelling hidden complexities. Design Academy Eindhoven’s upcoming Graduation Show presents the outcomes of their fundamental research and reflections. MINED, the overall theme for the 2017 show curated by Formafantasma, encompasses the many directions that came out of this approach. From reconstructions to storytelling, from archaeology to investigative reporting, and from a tool that makes body language noticeable for a visually impaired listener to an analysis of how a flush toilet can become a metaphor for political oppression and racial discrimination.

Digging deep is digging hard. Students have been mining their own personal lives as well as data sets and codes of law and material and technological possibilities to address omnipresent concerns. Working as archaeologists they dug up dirt and poetry while creating alternatives for existing models, systems and products. This can be a painful process, and it takes commitment and perseverance to find useful fragments and raw materials to compose possible answers. The result is personal yet universal. The 177 projects in the 2017 Graduation Show do not pretend to give definitive solutions. However, their lingering does result in fascinating new approaches that reveal possible futures.

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De Witte Dame
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Curator: FormaFantasma
Graphic: Joost Grootens

Organized by Design Academy Eindhoven

At Design Academy Eindhoven we educate designers in the broadest sense of the word. We don’t teach our students – we are a platform for development. In our opinion, a design course should involve a lot of freedom – it should encourage the individual to be curious, to experiment, to discuss, to criticize, and to explore. Thinking-through-making is therefore an important aspect of all our courses – designing an end-product as you go.

To stimulate creative collaborations and professional experimentation, our courses are constructed around domains of human activity. These departments have a focal point – like space or identity – to cross the boundaries of the conventional disciplines. Within our departments, students are encouraged to use and mix knowledge, fields and production methods in the design process. Interdisciplinary working creates new ways to perceive – and thus the opportunity to design alternative approaches to () existing problems.

become creative, to learn a craft or skill, to understand physics or medicine in order to design. At Design Academy Eindhoven, we offer our students the ingredients to quench that thirst and to become self-sustainable, ever-progressing designers.

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