Keeping promises made to society is complex for governments. Society is continually developing, which means that relying on proven technologies is not always the best strategy. Based on a global perspective for the future we will have to try, experience and do things. This working method requires a new approach, that is based on compact daily practice tests. This keeps the societal task in view. On our journey to this smart society, connections with creative thinkers and technological possibilities for the future are vital.  

Which is why the programme ‘Organising Together’ by the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG) is organising a What if Lab with Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) for the second time: a design commission concerning the social issues that Dutch municipalities are faced with in practice. During What if Lab: smart society meets design, three themes will be zoomed in on: e-health, urban poverty and resilience (under the heading ‘themes' you can find more information on this).

Meanwhile we've made a good start with What if Lab: smart society meets design. VNG Realisatie blogs about its progress regularly (in Dutch though). Want to stay tuned? 

Klik hier om een artikel te lezen over de selectie van de drie vraagstukken (24 mei 2018).

Klik hier om een artikel te lezen over de masterclass (14 juni 2018).

More information about What if Lab: smart society meets design