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Trend Book 2013 cover

Dutch Design Week - Munich Creative Business Week 

Vol trots presenteert DDW de vijfde editie van het Trend Book. 

Het 2013 Trend Book verschijnt in een gelimiteerde oplage van 3.000 boeken. Bestel je eigen boek nu voor maar €15 (ex. verzendkosten).

Formaat 168 x 120 mm, 192 pagina’s.

Bekijk hier de preview van het DDW Trend Book 2013.

Bestel hier het Trend Book van 2013! 

Bestel nu Trend book 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 en 2009 samen voor slechts 40 euro (ex. verzendkosten)!
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Trend Book 2013
Since five years the Trend Book is a part of DDW. Professionals from all over the world share their visions on different subjects and together they predict the future trends and co-create the book’s content. Curator of the Trend Book is Zuzanna Skalska, trend watcher at VanBerlo a.o. Zuzanna Skalska: “I was born and raised in Warsaw but for the last 23 years I have been living in Eindhoven. My passion is to observe. I analyse my observation to inspire designers and companies to think and look different at current and future design. For my job as a Trendwatcher I travel around to visit the most influential international fairs and events, visit professional seminars and meet lots of interesting people. For almost 7 years I was a Member of the Board of Management for DDW and in 2011 I took up a position on the advisory board of Capital D - Design Cooperation Brainport. In addition, this year, for the 5th time, I am the curator of the DDW Trend Book.”

The future belongs to the creative society. People (teams – not individuals) will make the future companies and brands, not the other way round. Harvard Business Review predicts the ‘Age of Hyper Specialisation’, in which people have unique skills and talents that can only be useful when integrated with a team. Businessweek discusses the new Rules of Employment, which are based on the Six Degrees of Separation – the network principal. This means that you have to be connected. Collectively, the network of the creative society will achieve more than on its own. In the new future market, we will be global villages with powerful local resources and regional economies.

New times, new quests: the 21st century demands a recalibration of governing decisiveness, measures against eroding political consensus, including a revitalisation of the dialogue with the citizen. The perfect examples of new collective creative economies network are Dutch Brainport Region Eindhoven and the Free State of Bavaria – both centres of advanced technology and design in Europe. Brainport together with Bavaria signed on 9 October 2012 an official document to exchange knowledge in the fields of innovation and creativity.

One of the first cooperative projects resulting from this agreement is our Dutch Design Week (DDW) Trend Book – a cooperative exchange of ideas between DDW and Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW). The 2013 edition of DDW | MCBW Trend Book will be a communication, a discussion platform and vision framework on the theme of ‘Connecting Design & Industry’ between two powerful European key regions.

Trend Book 2009, 2010, 2011 en 2012
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